Somewhere between the San Fran sound of the late 60s, the raw funk of a Beastie Boys' b-side, and self-indulgent spruce-top pop lies Citizen Badger. Emerging from West Palm Beach in Fall 2017, this passionate group of musical mercenaries decided to pool their eclectic experiences into a project that would be equally cathartic and fun. With strong work ethic and a few clever ideas the guys have been carving their place into the burgeoning South FL music scene and beyond.

Daylen Brinkley is the band's baritone and acoustic guitarist. He's a self taught musician that draws inspiration from Steinbeck novels, Bo Burnham, and working in the service industry. Jonathon McGrath fills the role of sonic architect. With a proclivity for rich arrangements and tasteful intonation, he's responsible for the band's timbre and dynamic drive. Mike Francoeur is the engine that keeps the band's narratives careening through an ever-evolving arc. Whether channeling his charming charisma into the drums at a show or in the studio, he's got a flair for keeping things interesting (and sometimes downright impressive).

Citizen Badger bootstrapped their first release, Citizen Badger, in May 2018. The album has been met with warm reception by a quickly multiplying audience.  They are actively performing in a steadily growing radius and currently creating new material.