‘Beats bouncing at different tempos - inconsistency is certainly key’

Known for keeping listeners on their toes, Citizen Badger plays an eclectic blend of indie rock, retro folk, and funk-infused bedroom pop they call ‘millennial dad rock’. Reserving the right to play whatever they want, their first iteration began in late 2017. They wasted no time in hitting the studio and self-released their first album, Citizen Badger, in Spring 2018. Soon after, they brought on a fourth member to assume their current form as a rock n roll quartet. With their powers combined they went on to win the SunFest Battle of the Bands in 2019 and took their place in the SunFest lineup between bands such as Garbage and Tears for Fears.

To their knowledge no one has ever left a Citizen Badger show feeling disappointed. The band includes the following characters:

Daylen Brinkley - baritone + guitar strummer, self-proclaimed wild card, grew up in a trailer

Mike Francoeur - winsome percussionist, best-dressed, stands up for himself

Jeremy Lampinen - plays everything, true wunderkind, band chaplain

Jon McGrath - big guitar, tracks the band’s progress, keeps time with his leg

2019 has a lot of fun shows in store for Citizen Badger. Rumor has it they are also working on their next album called Disco Voldemort in the Apocalypse. Featuring live favorites such as ‘I’m not mad, just disappointed’ and ‘Nostalgic for Now’, the new album should be complete in early 2020.