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Lo-Fi Indie Folk. Forged in West Palm Beach.

Citizen Badger

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Tight grooves, retro vibes, thoughtful lyrics. If Vulfpeck and Neutral Milk Hotel had a baby that grew up in Florida, it'd be citizen badger.

They continue the tradition of remaining heartfelt while also staying interesting.
— Divide and Conquer Music

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Samantha B

The Badger Gang has been a great time. I got to learn more about the band's process, get to hang out with them at shows, and I even get them to play requests for me sometimes.


Jacob S

Citizen Badger is a cool squad to hang out with. Their music is genuine and fun and they make pretty dope T-Shirts. I mean they are comfortable as heck. If you don't sign up you're foolish.


Jon M

Technically I'm in the band but Daylen does do a pretty good job with the email list. And we do give away a lot of free stuff so I think it's definitely worth getting into.